Coinbase Launches Layer 2 Blockchain Base: On-Ramp for Ethereum, Solana and More

• Coinbase launched Base, an Ethereum layer 2 network built on Optimism’s OP Stack
• The new network provides easy and secure access to Ethereum, Optimism, Solana and other blockchain ecosystems
• Base will help attract millions of new crypto users in the coming years

Coinbase Launches Layer 2 Blockchain

Coinbase (COIN) has announced the launch of its layer 2 blockchain Base. Built on Optimism’s OP Stack, Base is a secure and low-cost way for anyone to build decentralized apps or “dapps” on-chain. The testnet for Base was started by Coinbase on Thursday.

Base Provides Access to Ethereum, Optimism and Solana

With the launch of Base, Coinbase is joining Optimism as a core developer on their open source OP Stack – a toolkit for building applications on the Optimism network. While primarily designed for Ethereum, it also provides access to other layer 2 networks such as Solana and Optimism. It is expected that this will help attract millions of new crypto users in the coming years.

Core Developer For Optimism’s Open Source Toolkit

Coinbase has become a core developer for Optimism’s open source toolkit which makes it easier to build applications on their network. This will enable developers to use the same code base across multiple blockchains while maintaining security and reducing costs associated with development. By providing this additional layer of security and scalability, Coinbase hopes that it can draw more developers into building applications using their platform.

Necessary Steps To Attract Millions Of New Crypto Users

In order to attract millions of new crypto users in the coming years, Coinbase needs to take certain steps such as increasing liquidity through better fiat currency support; providing educational resources; creating an intuitive user experience; offering more financial services such as lending products; improving customer support; investing in marketing efforts; and increasing transparency around fees charged by exchanges.


Overall, Coinbase’s launch of Base represents an important step towards further mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. With its advanced features such as increased security, scalability and low cost access, Coinbase hopes that it can draw more people into using cryptocurrencies than ever before.