How do I update or change your NAT Type in Xbox

The best NAT typing experience on the Xbox console is the goal for Xbox gamers.

For Xbox gamers who want to play at the highest level, the best NAT Type means experiencing the smoothest gaming experience that they could dream of.

If you do not know the term NAT, it refers to Network Address Translation, and it’s how you evaluate how well the Xbox console when it is connected to the internet. Therefore, all connectivity issues, like the slow connection or lags can be traced to what NAT Type the console is showing.

The best part is that your NAT Type is able to be refreshed or altered by executing certain steps. Of course, having the most effective NAT Typ is always the goal.

Follow this guide to learn more about the ways to update or alter the NAT type on the Xbox console.

Find out the NAT Type of your Xbox console’s NAT type

Three NAT Types: Open Moderate and Strict. Strict is the most open type. Open NAT Type refers to the top NAT Type because it means there are no issues or issues in Internet connectivity.

It is possible to use the Moderate NAT Type on the contrary, can be seen as acceptable, but using an Open NAT Type must always be the ideal option. A Strict NAT Type should always be avoided since it can create lag issues and cause internet problems when it becomes apparent.

You can verify on your console’s NAT Type from the network menu in game. If it doesn’t appear You can follow this process Guide > Profile and System Settings Network Settings > Type of NAT, then the Current Status of Network.

Modify the NAT type on your Xbox console

If you’d like to update or alter the Xbox console’s network NAT type, go into the Settings menu and choose the Network Settings option.

If you see the Test NAT Type option, select it, then choose refresh. Reset your Xbox by hard-pressing the console. Press the power button, and wait for the Xbox’s system reboot.

Go to the Network Settings again and check the NAT Type. It should be more effective compared to the earlier NAT Type that was shown.

If the above method is not working in any way, head and go back into your Network Settings option and select Advanced Settings. Select the Alternate Port Selection option and then change on your Xbox console between Manual and Automatic.

There will be an array of different port numbers. Try experimenting with some of them until you’ll see an Open NAT type on your Xbox.